WEBER.flexibility and speed

WEBER's most important principle is to be able to react from one minute to the next. Down-times waste time and money as production is dependent on movement. If a machine or unit is down no time should be lost in your interest. The WEBER.Team can help you right away. We check our stock, clarify the details, look for alternatives, speak with the manufacturers and find a solution for you. In addition, our WEBER.webshop offers you more possibilities.

Transportation and logistics play an especially important role in our business. The WEBER.staff have many years of experience in freight forwarding and customs so that we can make a quick decision about the right way to send the goods and the formalities required. We can ship the goods to your destination on the same day and by air freight if there is a special need for speed. Additionally you profit from the special terms and conditions we have with the leading freight forwarders world-wide.